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Ryntovt Design – Eco-hotel Friend House, 2009

#HOTEL #ECOLOGICAL #UKRAINE Ryntovt Design – Eco-hotel Friend House is located on 3 hectares plot in forest resort zone aside of Orel river bank, 30 km far from Dnepropertrovsk. It is a single-floor group of buildings with open yards, [...]

April 30, 2016 In practice

Archimatika – Children Educational Center ??+, 2014

#EDUCATION #COLORS #UKRAINE Archimatika – The Children Educational Ccenter is part of the “Comfort Town”, a new residential complex in Kyiv built in 2009-2015 for 12.937 residents. The building is composed by three blocks linked at the ground floor. [...]

February 13, 2016 In practice

Drozdov & Partners – Caf C.A.F.E., 2011

#CAFE #LIGHTNESS #EMPTINESS Drozdov & Partners – The plot is a relatively empty space located in the middle of the dense urban development. A small cafe was built here in the early ’90s. However, as time went by, there [...]

January 2, 2016 In practice