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churtichaga+quadra salcedo architects – Cinema Center in Matadero de Legazpi, Madrid, 2011

#MATADERO #CINEMA #BASKETS CHURTICHAGA+QUADRA SALCEDO ARCHITECTS : The tectonic history of brick, the powerful rhetoric of the old slaughterhouse is the background; a wooden mono-material painted in dark gray defines the new program deployed on walls, floors and ceilings, [...]

March 15, 2016 In practice

Amann-Canovas-Maruri – Deck over a roman site in Cartagena, 2011

#ARCHEOLOGY #TRANSITORIAL #RESPECTFUL AMMAN-CANOVAS-MARURI : The building is essentially a cover protecting the remains of a Roman assembly (thermal baths, forum and domus) in the archaeological site of Molinete Park in Cartagena, Spain. This cover is integrated as another [...]

January 19, 2016 In practice

Ecosistema Urbano – Ecopolis Plaza, 2010

#SUSTAINABILITY #PUBLIC SPACE #TOPOGRAPHY Ecosistema Urbano : Transformation of a faceless site in Madrid s urban sprawl, surrounded by industry and heavy traffic transportation infrastructures, into a public space for social interaction providing a building for childcare. The main [...]

December 29, 2015 In practice

House in Alpicat – Carles Enrich + Albert Brito

# more with less BRICKS, LOCAL, PARTITION Carles Enrich: Albert Brito: In an attempt to avoid the typology of the detached house and with the clear objective of occupying the entire plot, the project colonises this place through [...]

December 15, 2015 Europe

Balint House Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

#more with less LANDSCAPE, ELLIPSE, MONOLITH Fran Silvestre Arquitectos: A privileged place within a golf course near to Valencia is the starting point of this project. The proposal is drawn with elliptical traces which contain the program and maximize [...]

February 6, 2015 Europe

Nursery school Javier Larraz, I igo Beguiristain and I aki Bergera

# community COLOR, EDUCATION, PUBLIC Javier Larraz : I igo Beguiristain: I aki Bergera: We strongly believe in the pedagogical value of architecture and, in the case of a nursery school, its actual capacity to create opportunities [...]

March 17, 2014 Europe

Pitch House I aqui Carnicero

#more with less CONCRETE, MINIMAL, CANTILEVER I aqui Carnicero: The design of these two semi-detached houses is addressed in a non-conventional manner. From the beginning, the two units were conceived as a single project, and although the program for [...]

March 4, 2014 Europe

M House MDBArchitects & Guallart Architects

TERRACING, SIMPLICITY, WOOD MDBArchitects: Guallart Architects: The project of the house M, it is located in La Nou de Gaia, a small locality in the north of Tarragona, Spain. It is a small village, but with an ancient [...]

February 10, 2014 Europe

Casa V – Dosis Architecture Office

RESIDENTIAL, WRAP, SINUOUS, WHITE Dosis Architecture Office:   Casa V consists on the rehabilitation, adaptation and expansion of an existing house, designed and built in the early 1960 s. The family that inhabits the house has been spending the [...]

January 15, 2014 Europe

HOUSE ON MOUNTAINSIDE OVERLOOKED BY CASTLE – Fran Silvestre Arquitectos AGGREGATION, TOPOGRAPHY, INTEGRATES IN THE ENVIRONMENT The building is located in a landscape of unique beauty, the result of a natural and evident growth. The mountain, topped by a castle, is covered by a blanket housing through a system [...]

January 5, 2014 Europe