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BTE ARCHITECTURE – The Pyramid Viewpoint, Inveruglas – 2015

#PUBLIC UTILITIES #ENVIRONMENT #WOOD BTE ARCHITECTURE : The site is located on a peninsula overlooking the U.K.’s largest stretch of inland water, Loch Lomond. An existing cafe marks the entrance situation for visitors arriving either by car from the [...]

March 28, 2016 In practice


#new uses REUSE, PARTECIPATION, PUBBLIC UTILITIES SPARK :     Fai-Fah, which means ai???light energyai???, is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme initiated in April 2010 by TMB Bank. The programme acts as a catalyst for change in Thai [...]

June 9, 2014 Asia

Chuquibambilla School Project- AMA Afonso Maccaglia Architecture/BOSCH ARQUITECTOS

#community SUSTAINABILITY-EDUCATION-PUBLIC UTILITIES The rural ethnic coffee growing province of Chuquibambilla, located in the Central Highlands of Peru, on the western part of the district of Pangoa, is the commercial and cultural center of this region. About 1600 families live [...]

April 24, 2014 America

Centro Cultural Gabriela Ministral (GAM) – Cristian Fernandez Arquitectos CFA

#community PUBLIC UTILITIES – COMMUNITY CENTRE – CONCRETE – CORTEN Cristian Fernandez Arquitectos CFA : Openness and transparency are the transverse ideas from different areas of the new project, not only because the opening of this landmark building embodies [...]

March 19, 2014 America