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HS99 Katowice CINiBA – 2012

HS99: #PATCHWORK #SANDSTONE #MONOLITH Katowice CINiBA The Scientific Information Centre and Academic Library The lack of discernible scale produces a monolith when seen from afar that is gradually familiarized. Details such as the decreasing proportions of the fa ade [...]

March 25, 2016 In practice

Jems Architekci – International Congress Centre Katowice – 2015

#PUBLIC #GREEN #IRREGULAR Jems Architekci: The Katowice International Conference Centre project situated nearby the Spodek arena erected in 1962 posed a challenge in both urban planning and architectural terms. The general philosophy behind the design was to create a [...]

January 29, 2016 In practice

Konior Studio NOSPR/The Seat of the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra – 2014

# CULTURE #MUSIC #BRICK Konior Studio: NOSPR together with 4 hectares of gardens was built on site of former coal mine becoming a part of Axis of Culture – symbol of dynamically changing city. The building binds modernity and [...]

January 15, 2016 In practice

Ingarden & EwA? Architects – Ma opolska Garden of Arts

#GEOMETRY #CULTURE #INTERACTION Ingarden & EwA? Architects: It blended historical context with contemporary expressive architecture, introducing a new spatial order to the XIX townhouses and their backyards between Rajska and Szujskiego streets in Krakow. The west wing holds a [...]

December 11, 2015 In practice

Aatrial house – KWK promes

KWK promes: RESIDENTIAL, MONOLITH, ATRIAL BUILDING Idea One hectare site near the forest, where the building is designed has only one weak point: south-western access. An obvious conflict develops between the driveway and the garden. The idea arose to [...]

January 10, 2014 Europe