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Patio house in Gracia Carles Enrich Arquitectura

Carles Enrich: # REUSE, PREEXISTENCE, DETAILS, PLYWOOD In the common language the word ai???detailai??? is often used to define something that is not very important, inside a general context. By contrast, in architecture, the quality of a project depends [...]

July 3, 2014 Europe

KESSEL-LO – NU architectuuratelier

#reuse PLYWOOD, PURIFICATION, FILTERS NU architectuuratelier: At a first glance what catches your attention is an orange door positioned on a traditional fa ade of a small building aligned along the street. From the outside, pedestrians can look into [...]

May 13, 2014 Europe

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New Kyoto Town house, Japan

ALPHAVILLE: POLYHEDRAL, DYNAMIC, PLYWOOD, FUSION   The so-called Machiya are wooden houses on a row typical of Kyoto, the historical capital of Japan. In most cases they served both as the home and workplaces for their owners. However they [...]

June 17, 2013 Asia