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A69 – Ummagumma House, 2014

A69 – Ummagumma House, 2014

# WHITE SPIRAL # INTIMACY # PERSPECTIVES # PATIOS A69 ARCHITEKTI: www.a69.cz   The traditional scheme of a solitary house in a garden doesn t work any more. It divides a plot into the house and the rest. The rest is then called a garden and is the only filter between the space inside the [...]

February 17, 2016 Giulia Mura In practice 0

Baan Yoo Yen TA-CHA Design

Baan Yoo Yen   TA-CHA Design

TA-CHA Design: www.facebook.com/TACHAstudio # Connection CHAN, PERSPECTIVES, VISUAL Chan is a Thai word, which literally means ai???terraceai???. In the past the original definition of this old Thai word was another one: “connection”. Just on this principle is based the concept of the project of the young TA-CHA design studio: to establish links among people, to [...]

March 19, 2014 Maria Elena Fauci Asia 0