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Jovan Mitrovi – School Sports Hall, 2015

Jovan Mitrovi  – School Sports Hall, 2015

#WOOD #LOCAL #SCHOOL JOVAN MITROVIA? : http://jovan.mitrovic.uk/ According to urban concept, made by local planers, surface area of a new sports hall was supposed to cover almost the whole school yard and its height would overtop surrounding buildings from 19th century and Church behind it. In his design architect Jovan Mitrovi proposed to sink the [...]

May 10, 2016 Julia De Vito Senza categoria 0

House in Alpicat – Carles Enrich + Albert Brito

House in Alpicat – Carles Enrich + Albert Brito

# more with less BRICKS, LOCAL, PARTITION Carles Enrich: www.carlesenrich.com Albert Brito: http://www.albertbrito.com In an attempt to avoid the typology of the detached house and with the clear objective of occupying the entire plot, the project colonises this place through a series of manual brick walls built longitudinally in the same way as they build [...]

December 15, 2015 Jonas Lundberg Europe 0

The library of Muyinga BC architects

The library of Muyinga   BC architects

#community LOCAL, EARTH, VERNACULAR BC architects: http://architects.bc-as.org/ The first library of Muyinga, part of a future inclusive school for deaf children, in locally sourced compressed earth blocks, built with a participatory approach.Our work in Africa started within the framework of OpenStructures.net. BC was asked to scale the “Open structures” model to an architectural level. A [...]

February 16, 2014 Marta Bello Africa 0

Docet Institute – S-AR staciA?n-ARquitectura

Docet Institute – S-AR staciA?n-ARquitectura

http://s-ar.mx/ LOCAL MATERIALS, COURTYARD, EXPANDABLE The most important fact for the project was that the land on which it would be built had a great number of mature trees. So we proposed to strategically locate the building seeking not to throw any of these trees. That generates an access to the building in the middle [...]

January 6, 2014 Julia De Vito America 0