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Gezim Pa arizi architect – Mother Theresa Museum in Prizren, 2015

#VOID #CONTEXT #SPACE GEZIM PA ARIZI ARCHITECT: The Museum is situated in front of the Catholic Cathedral of Prizren, where a century ago Mother Theresa s parents got married. The Museum looks just like an old Prizren house occupying [...]

April 5, 2016 In practice

Murseli Architects + Partners – Family Villa in Prishtina, 2013

#RESIDENTIAL #TRADITION #KOSOVO MURSELI ARCHITECTS + PARTNERS : Single family housing type Villa at the suburbs of Prishtina, near national and city park of Germia, Kosovo. The land plot is 5000 mA?, with the hill top altitude of 700m [...]

March 8, 2016 In practice

URBAN PLUS – Model School in Prishtina, 2013

#EDUCATION #SCHOOL #COURTYARDS URBAN PLUS : The location of the model school is in the border of the northeastern boundary of the old city of Prishtina. As a part of a former brick factory, which is our of function, [...]

February 23, 2016 In practice

ANARCH – Klan KOSOVA Television, 2014

#SUSTAINABILITY #REUSE #INDUSTRIAL ANARCH : ai???Klan KOSOVA Televisionai??? is one of the first examples of industrial building transformation in Kosovo (it was one a manufacturing plant for shock absorbers). It is seen as a model on raising people s [...]

January 12, 2016 In practice