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Mei architects and planners – Kraton 230, 2008

#HEADQUARTERS #OFFICE #THENETHERLANDS Mei architects and planners –   The Kraton building houses the new headquarters of regional radio and television station RTV Rijnmond and forms the heart of the audio-visual sector in Rotterdam. The sturdy character of the [...]

April 9, 2016 In practice

Eraclis Papachristou – ArchitectsElectricity Authority of Cyprus

#CLADDING #COMMUNITY11 #HEADQUARTERS Eraclis Papachristou Architects: The site is defined in the city boundary. The whole complex is a smooth transition from the urban fabric to the non built space and vice versa. A space grid/interconnection that is able [...]

February 1, 2016 In practice

RAU architects – Alliander HQ, 2015

  #SUSTAINABILITY #RENOVATION #HEADQUARTERS RAU architects – The energy grid company Liander has transformed its headquarters into a remarkably sustainable building and energy positive complex, becoming the first renovation project in the Netherlands to obtain the BEEAM-NL outstanding sustainability [...]

January 23, 2016 In practice
® Leon van Woerkom

Cepezed architects – Brussels Environment HQ, 2014

#HEADQUARTERS #ENVIRONMENT #SUSTAINABILITY Cepezed architects – Brussels Environment is the government authority in the field of environment and habitat in the Belgian Capital Region. The new headquarter by Cepezed architects represents the biggest passive building in Europe and an [...]

December 12, 2015 In practice