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Living Foz – dEMM arquitecture

dEMM arquitecture: GEOMETRY, SCULPTURE, RESIDENTIAL BUILDING   Living Foz (apartment building) is located in Foz do Douro, an Oporto city parish with ancestral occupation due to its south sun exposure and proximity to both the sea shore and the [...]

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Polish pavilion for Expo 2010, Shanghai WWAA GEOMETRY, PATTERN, SURFACE   Given the nature of the exposition, the exhibition facility has to denote, by its esthetic distinctiveness, the country of origin, has to constitute, by the strength of its stylistic connotations, an evocative, recognizable and memorable [...]

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Studio Up – COLOR, GRAPHIC COMMUNICATION, GEOMETRY, CONTRAST                 HOSTEL GOLLY The “Savo” building, located in the Split city center core, was turned into a shopping mall at the beginning of this [...]

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