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Normal Arhitektura Parents House – 2016

Normal Arhitektura: #WHITE #SOCIAL #FOLDING A cancer diagnosis is very difficult to deal with for adults, meaning that for children below 16, it can only be harder. Because the diagnosis changes not only one s life from the roots, [...]

March 18, 2016 In practice

Radionica arhitekture + Vanja Ili -Vucedol Culture Muse – 2011

#COMMUNITY #LANDSCAPE #FOLDING Radionica arhitekture + Vanja Ili : The museum building is a path which the visitors climb to overcome the elevation difference of some twenty meters, from the access road to the plateau on which the VuA?edol [...]

March 7, 2016 In practice

Kokkinou + Kourkoulas – Office Building in Paiania – 2012

#PUBLIC #MOVEMENT #FOLDING Kokkinou + Kourkoulas : The designing of an office building of such size instantly and intensely, raises issues of movement as well as monotony. The length of the horizontal movements as well as the need for [...]

February 19, 2016 In practice