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Kaunas University of Tecnology (KTU) – G.Janulyt s Bernoti n s studija – 2014

#CONCRETE #COMMUNITY #FACADE G.Janulyt s-Bernoti n s studija: The key to the design were Yin & Yang principles. They were interpreted in order to propose two bodies of the project with corresponding facade structures and materials. Bright and ephemeral [...]

February 22, 2016 In practice

Taipei Sales Center – Oyler Wu Collaborative

Oyler Wu Collaborative: SKIN, VOID, RIBBON Often the unusual circumstances surrounding the design of a project leads to the most unusual results. In the case of this temporary sales center in Taipei by Oyler Wu Collaborative, the convergence of [...]

January 23, 2014 Asia

South Asian Human Rights Documentation Centre – Anagram Architects

Anagram Architects : FACADE, BRICK, DYNAMISM             Although some fortification against the busy street was required, it was crucial for the fa ade to ai???converseai??? with the external activity. The flanking wall is conceived [...]

April 13, 2013 Senza categoria