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Lex van Deldenbrug – Zuidas Amsterdam – Dok architecten

#community BRIDGE – EXPERIMENTATION – PUBLIC UTILITIES Dok architecten: Both a square and a bridge. That is what architect Liesbeth van der Pol had in mind for the new ai???Lex van Deldenbrug bridge across the Boele Canal (Boelegracht), Amsterdam. [...]

December 18, 2015 Europe

CIB Biomedical Research Center – Va llo & Irigaray + Galar

#sustainable technology RESEARCH – EXPERIMENTATION – SUSTAINABLE VAA?LLO & IRIGARAY + GALAR BIO-MIMICRY Y BIO-TIPES The camel, the polar bear and the leaf: the project aims to link with the content of the program: Biomedical Research, through the implementation [...]

December 12, 2015 Europe


#experimentation OFFICE – GEOMETRY – SCULPTURE WOHA: 48 NORTH CANAL ROAD The project brief called for a new boutique office and the reconstruction of a pair of heritage-listed shophouses. They were bought up by the same financial institution who [...]

September 16, 2014 Asia

The Cineroleum-ASSEMBLE

#new uses EXPERIMENTATION, LOW TECH, COMMUNITY Photo by Assemble Photo by David Grandorge Photo by Morley Von Sternberg Photo by Morley Von Sternberg Photo by Morley Von Sternberg Photo by Zander Olsen The Cineroleum was a self-initiated project that transformed [...]

September 8, 2014 Europe

Moon Hoon – KPOP Curve

#complexity MULTI USE, CONCRETE, ICONIC BUILDING Moon Hoon: Baekhyeon-dong is divided in almost equal parts by its main caf street. The buildings in the surrounding areas are similarly subdivided by their function; the lower and ground levels are commercial, [...]

July 18, 2014 Asia

Sentosa house – Nicholas Burns associates

#experimentation WOOD, CONCRETE, RESIDENTIAL Nicholas Burns associates: A series of open spaces clustered against the core. The core provides, structure, vertical circulation, services and adjacent has all baths and the kitchen maximising efficiency. Adaptable space, these open spaces and [...]

March 31, 2014 Asia

6a architects x Paul Smith – 6a architects

#EXPERIMENTATION CAST IRON, PATTERN, OPTICAL COMPLEXITY 6a architects:   The new Albemarle Street shop front for Paul Smith builds on a familiar material tradition in London. Cast iron forms an understated background to the city s streets; its railings, [...]

March 22, 2014 Europe

Not a harbour but a horizon

What will happen after the Starchitect System? Will we revert to order or will we restart?If reverting to order is the answer, the main challenge will be to recover disciplinary tradition, to propose new rules, to identify a theory that [...]

February 19, 2014 Senza categoria

Dutch Mountain, denieuwegeneratie

  SUSTAINABILITY, SURPRISE, EXPERIMENTATION   denieuwegeneratie What does sustainable living look like? This is just the beginning of a new architecture attempt where experimentation is the means to find new solutions, unusual combinations and surprising results. This is a [...]

April 24, 2013 Europe