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Kew Studio – Sean Godsell architects

#more with less ADDICTION, SURFACE, BOX Sean Godsell architects: A freestanding 24 sq m studio constructed to the north of an existing house in Kew. The design of the original house in 1996 assumed a second stage building to [...]

June 22, 2014 Oceania

Centro Cultural Gabriela Ministral (GAM) – Cristian Fernandez Arquitectos CFA

#community PUBLIC UTILITIES – COMMUNITY CENTRE – CONCRETE – CORTEN Cristian Fernandez Arquitectos CFA : Openness and transparency are the transverse ideas from different areas of the new project, not only because the opening of this landmark building embodies [...]

March 19, 2014 America


GRAS arquitectos: CORTEN, BOX, CONTRAST   EXTREME CONTRAST: extension of a single-family detached home in Mallorca. The intervention in an existing building, and even more so with the ambition of this project, is always a delicate matter.In this case [...]

June 7, 2013 Europe

End mico Resguardo Silvestre – Graciastudio

Graciastudio: NATURE, LANDSCAPE, ECOLOFT   Located in Valle de Guadalupe Mexico s Wine Country , Baja California, End mico Resguardo Silvestre is a set of twenty independent rooms of twenty square meters each, operated by Grupo Habita, a Design [...]

February 28, 2013 Senza categoria