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St phane Beel Architects – FNG Head Office, 2015

#OFFICE #CONNECTION #WOODEN SKIN St phane Beel Architects: FNG is a fast-growing fashion company that requested a building that could grow with the company. They asked for a scheme that promotes the company values and where relationships can be [...]

April 13, 2016 In practice

ARX Portugal – Abrantes Municipal Market – 2015

#CONNECTION #CONCRETE #STREET ARX Portugal: The project is located in the transition to the historical center, in an urban lot between two streets at different heights: Largo do Tribunal at the bottom; N. Sra da Concei A?o St. at [...]

December 15, 2015 In practice

160-unit home for dependent elderly people in Villejuif – Elizabeth Naud et Luc Poux Architects

#community VOLUME, SIMPLENNES, CONNECTION Elizabeth Naud et Luc Poux Architects: A major road shaped all thinking for the buildingai???s design, i.e. offering residents an augmented human presence thanks to greater nursing-staff availability in accompanying them through a humanized environment. [...]

December 6, 2014 Europe

Baan Yoo Yen TA-CHA Design

TA-CHA Design: # Connection CHAN, PERSPECTIVES, VISUAL Chan is a Thai word, which literally means ai???terraceai???. In the past the original definition of this old Thai word was another one: “connection”. Just on this principle is based the concept [...]

March 19, 2014 Asia

Pedestrian bridge – Metaform Architecture

Metaform Architecture CONNECTION, MOVEMENT, LANDMARK   Pedestrian Bridge in Esch/Alzette (the second largest city in Luxembourg). The idea was to create a direct connection between the heart of the city and the green space (Park of Galgenberg). The single [...]

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