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XTU- La Plaine Saint-Denis Police Station – 2007

#PUBLIC #FACILITIES #FUTURE XTU Nicola Desmaziere + Anouk Legendre: Given the reduced program size and the location of the land parcel, the idea was to insert most of the program elements in a high vertical volume. Which set on [...]

March 14, 2016 In practice

njiric+ arhitekti – “Medo Brundoai??? Kindergarten – Zagreb, Retkovec

#CONCRETE #COLOR #COMMUNITY njiric+ arhitekti : How to design a kindergarten on a too small plot? What if the plot is overshadowed by a massive nine-story block on it’s south side? What if the plot is surrounded by the [...]

January 25, 2016 In practice

McBride Charles Ryan – Dallas Brooks Community School

#community EDUCATION, COLOR, COURTYARD McBride Charles Ryan: Dallas Brooks Community Primary School is an amalgamation of three local primary schools in Dallas, Broadmeadows, in the North of Melbourne. It is part of a number of public school developments in [...]

April 22, 2014 Oceania

Nursery school Javier Larraz, I igo Beguiristain and I aki Bergera

# community COLOR, EDUCATION, PUBLIC Javier Larraz : I igo Beguiristain: I aki Bergera: We strongly believe in the pedagogical value of architecture and, in the case of a nursery school, its actual capacity to create opportunities [...]

March 17, 2014 Europe

Prachasongkroa Kindergarten – NPDA studio

#community EDUCATION, CONCRETE, FLOWING SPACE NPDA Studio: Prachasongkroa School is one of the oldest schools in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. It is located in the small rural area of the province. This project is to build a new building for its [...]

January 28, 2014 Asia

I.M.A.M. – Nodo17 Architects

Nodo17 Architects: STRUCTURE, COLOR, ART   The center of MA?stoles City, although it seems to have a caothic condition, it is formed by a structure of differents public squares. The IMAM project, located between party walls, it is conceived [...]

April 1, 2013 Senza categoria

Optic Garden – 26 10 south Architects

26 10 south Architects: 26 10 south Architects in collaboration with artist Maja Marx. PUBLIC, ILLUSION, SCULPTURE, COLOR   The Optic Garden functions as a sculpture on a traffic island celebrating the 2010 World Cup and marking one of [...]

February 26, 2013 Senza categoria


Studio Up – COLOR, GRAPHIC COMMUNICATION, GEOMETRY, CONTRAST                 HOSTEL GOLLY The “Savo” building, located in the Split city center core, was turned into a shopping mall at the beginning of this [...]

December 17, 2012 Senza categoria