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6a architects x Paul Smith – 6a architects

#EXPERIMENTATION CAST IRON, PATTERN, OPTICAL COMPLEXITY 6a architects:   The new Albemarle Street shop front for Paul Smith builds on a familiar material tradition in London. Cast iron forms an understated background to the city s streets; its railings, [...]

March 22, 2014 Europe

Nursery school Javier Larraz, I igo Beguiristain and I aki Bergera

# community COLOR, EDUCATION, PUBLIC Javier Larraz : I igo Beguiristain: I aki Bergera: We strongly believe in the pedagogical value of architecture and, in the case of a nursery school, its actual capacity to create opportunities [...]

March 17, 2014 Europe


B res Architects Attila B res: #ECOLOGICAL LARCH, INTEGRATION, ROCKS   Would you be so fond of architecture even to clean by yourself the rocks where to ease your volume down? Every smallest stone, result of years of a [...]

March 12, 2014 Europe

Paul Chevallier School – Tectonique architects

#sustainable technology EDUCATION, NATURE, WOOD Tectoniques architects: The Paul Chevallier school complex is situated in Rillieux-la-Pape, a northern suburb of Lyon. At 5,034 m2, it is an unusually large project; and this indicates the growing attractiveness of the area. [...]

March 11, 2014 Europe

Pitch House I aqui Carnicero

#more with less CONCRETE, MINIMAL, CANTILEVER I aqui Carnicero: The design of these two semi-detached houses is addressed in a non-conventional manner. From the beginning, the two units were conceived as a single project, and although the program for [...]

March 4, 2014 Europe

Casa Lude – Grupo Aranea

#landscape INTROVERTED, ROOFTOP SPACE, ADDITION Lude wanted a house in a traditional neighbourhood in the city of Cehegin, using the roof of his mother and sister s house as a plot. Making the most of its privileged situation, Casa [...]

February 17, 2014 Europe

Naturum Takern – WingA?rdhs studio

#landscape FACILITIES, THATCHED ROOF, SUSTAINABLE WingA?rdhs studio:   The opportunity of planning a visitor center at Lake TA?kern began with an invited competition in 2007. WingA?rdhs said to en.presstinternational: “Designing a building that helps guide visitors is a gratifying [...]

February 13, 2014 Europe

M House MDBArchitects & Guallart Architects

TERRACING, SIMPLICITY, WOOD MDBArchitects: Guallart Architects: The project of the house M, it is located in La Nou de Gaia, a small locality in the north of Tarragona, Spain. It is a small village, but with an ancient [...]

February 10, 2014 Europe

Landscape fence heri&salli

COCOON, GEOMETRY, FENCE heri&salli:   The architecture office heri&salli from Vienna conceived a steel structure similar to a cocoon round a swimming pool in the garden of a private builder-owner in Austria. With mounted panels and interior constructions which [...]

February 7, 2014 Europe

House in Agrinio- Plaini&Karahalios

RESIDENTIAL, WHITE, BOX Plaini&Karahalios:   The design is based on a sequence of parallel zones. They underline the gradual transition from the public to the private and they organize the functions. Zone 1: The fences and the dense array [...]

January 22, 2014 Europe