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Balint House Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

#more with less LANDSCAPE, ELLIPSE, MONOLITH Fran Silvestre Arquitectos: A privileged place within a golf course near to Valencia is the starting point of this project. The proposal is drawn with elliptical traces which contain the program and maximize [...]

February 6, 2015 Europe

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The public day-nursery Jules Guesde B+C architectes

#rehabilitation REUSE, SUSTAINABLE, TRANSPARENCY B+C ARCHITECTES :     The nursery Jules Guesde, built in 1898, constitutes part of the first buildings dedicated to small children which began to appear after the 1874 Roussel law (loi Roussel) which had [...]

January 7, 2015 Europe

Mirror Houses – Peter Pichler Architecture

#more with less MIRROR, RESIDENTIAL, LANDSCAPE Peter Pichler Architecture: The Mirror Houses are a pair of holiday homes, set in the marvellous surroundings of the South Tyrolean Dolomites, amidst a beautiful scenery of appletrees, just outside the city of [...]

December 13, 2014 Europe

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160-unit home for dependent elderly people in Villejuif – Elizabeth Naud et Luc Poux Architects

#community VOLUME, SIMPLENNES, CONNECTION Elizabeth Naud et Luc Poux Architects: A major road shaped all thinking for the buildingai???s design, i.e. offering residents an augmented human presence thanks to greater nursing-staff availability in accompanying them through a humanized environment. [...]

December 6, 2014 Europe

The Cineroleum-ASSEMBLE

#new uses EXPERIMENTATION, LOW TECH, COMMUNITY Photo by Assemble Photo by David Grandorge Photo by Morley Von Sternberg Photo by Morley Von Sternberg Photo by Morley Von Sternberg Photo by Zander Olsen The Cineroleum was a self-initiated project that transformed [...]

September 8, 2014 Europe

Bazaltbor winery, Badacsony – PLANT Atelier Peter Kis

PLANT – Atelier Peter Kis: #RESEARCH, MORPHOGENESIS, LANDSCAPE In the geometric model two basic elements the symmetric gable, closed roof abstraction of the press house and the hexagonal shaped idealised cross section of the basalt pillars-layers connect together into [...]

July 7, 2014 Europe

Patio house in Gracia Carles Enrich Arquitectura

Carles Enrich: # REUSE, PREEXISTENCE, DETAILS, PLYWOOD In the common language the word ai???detailai??? is often used to define something that is not very important, inside a general context. By contrast, in architecture, the quality of a project depends [...]

July 3, 2014 Europe

Shadow House – Jonathan Tuckey Design

#new uses REUSE, HOME, ADDITION Jonathan Tuckey Design : At Shadow House, Jonathan Tuckey s team has converted a Grade II listed Chapel in Colerne, Wiltshire into a family home. The 19th century chapel provides living accommodation while the [...]

June 1, 2014 Europe

KESSEL-LO – NU architectuuratelier

#reuse PLYWOOD, PURIFICATION, FILTERS NU architectuuratelier: At a first glance what catches your attention is an orange door positioned on a traditional fa ade of a small building aligned along the street. From the outside, pedestrians can look into [...]

May 13, 2014 Europe

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Haus Berge – KHBT addition, wood, private home Idea An additional storey has been built on top of the north part of the house to increase the floor area. In combination with an extension at ground level the house now provides more space [...]

May 3, 2014 Europe