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Metro_POLIS – New Polis Campus – 2011

Metro_POLIS: #PUBLIC #RE-ADAPTATION #RIGOROUSNESS This edifice represents a new and elevated dimension of POLIS University and reflects its philosophy a transparent juxtaposition of new and old fluxes. The project consisted in the re-adaptation of a former industrial building and [...]

April 22, 2016 In practice

DEAstudio-Revitalization of Lushnja City Center-2016

DEAstudio: #URBAN #PUBLIC #SOCIAL Revitalization of Lushnja City Center is close to completion. The team headed by DEA Studio is transforming the city center from the space under the reign of the vehicles to the Citizen City Center (CCC). [...]

April 1, 2016 Senza categoria

HS99 Katowice CINiBA – 2012

HS99: #PATCHWORK #SANDSTONE #MONOLITH Katowice CINiBA The Scientific Information Centre and Academic Library The lack of discernible scale produces a monolith when seen from afar that is gradually familiarized. Details such as the decreasing proportions of the fa ade [...]

March 25, 2016 In practice

Normal Arhitektura Parents House – 2016

Normal Arhitektura: #WHITE #SOCIAL #FOLDING A cancer diagnosis is very difficult to deal with for adults, meaning that for children below 16, it can only be harder. Because the diagnosis changes not only one s life from the roots, [...]

March 18, 2016 In practice

Studio Zec – Hotel Pino – 2015

Studio Zec: #LANDSCAPE #SPIKES #WOOD Sarajevo is a longitudinal city, with heterogeneous architecture, surrounded by mountains that have hosted the Winter Olympics in 1984. Compositionally speaking, Hotel Pino consists of two bodies: a primary horizontal cube in which public [...]

March 11, 2016 In practice

Delugan Meissl Associated Architects – Festival Hall Erl – 2012

#DYNAMISM #TOPOGRAPHY #CULTURE Delugan Meissl Associated Architects: The festival hall s geometry develops from the surrounding topography placing the building and the already existing festival hall in juxtaposition. The orientation relates to the exis ting landscape, the dynamic gesture [...]

March 4, 2016 In practice

Studio Ra a Arkitektura Lingoto center- 2012

#PUBLIC #SHADE #ALUMINIUM Studio Ra a Arkitektura: ai???Lingoto Centerai??? was designed and intended to be an offices building. Nowadays a private university is ai???sheltered in its premises. Placed on a narrow and long parcel this object wants to express [...]

February 26, 2016 In practice

Kokkinou + Kourkoulas – Office Building in Paiania – 2012

#PUBLIC #MOVEMENT #FOLDING Kokkinou + Kourkoulas : The designing of an office building of such size instantly and intensely, raises issues of movement as well as monotony. The length of the horizontal movements as well as the need for [...]

February 19, 2016 In practice

Nikiforidis/Cuomo – Redevelopment of the New Waterfront of Thessaloniki – 2014

#PUBLIC #WATER #SEQUENCES Nikiforidis/Cuomo: The New Waterfront of Thessaloniki is a linear place with relatively limited depth and a length of 3,5km, a fact that gives it the characteristics of a ai???frontai???, of a thin layer, inserted on the [...]

February 12, 2016 In practice

Studio B&L – Academia Building – 2013

#MIXEDUSE #RAZIONALITY #RIGOROUSNESS Studio B&L: The ai???academiaai??? building is a mixed use building, located in one of the most central areas of the city, few meters far from the Mother Teresa square. The challenging process for a project in [...]

February 5, 2016 In practice