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City of Science in Rome – Paolo Colarossi, Vincent Callebaut, Marco Maria Sambo, Coffice, Studio Briguglio-Morales.

  The ambition of the master plan for the new Citt della Scienza is to transform the industrial district into a self-sufficient urban ecosystem. The project aims at becoming an example of new urbanization placing great emphasis on sustainability. In [...]

January 12, 2016 Europe

Nursery school Javier Larraz, I igo Beguiristain and I aki Bergera

# community COLOR, EDUCATION, PUBLIC Javier Larraz : I igo Beguiristain: I aki Bergera: We strongly believe in the pedagogical value of architecture and, in the case of a nursery school, its actual capacity to create opportunities [...]

March 17, 2014 Europe

RW Concrete Church NAMELESS Architecture

#community BOX, CONCRETE, RELIGION NAMELESS Architecture: RW Concrete Church is located in Byeollae, a newly developed district near northeast Seoul, Korea. It evokes a feeling, not of a city already completed, but a building on a new landscape somewhere [...]

March 4, 2014 Asia