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Manthey Kula – Forvik Ferry Terminal, 2015

#TRANSPORTATION #LANDSCAPE #NAKEDSTRUCTURE Manthey Kula: The brief If you are traveling by car along Norway s coast every so often the journey is brought to a halt by lines of vehicles waiting for a ferry to cross one of [...]

January 20, 2016 In practice

Helen&Hard – Rundeskogen, 2013

# WOODEN TOWERS #TREES #PRISMATIC Helen & Hard: Rundeskogen is a wooded hill connecting three city centres on the west coast of Norway. Single-family houses and small-scale housing projects dominate this region, creating a context that accentuates the exceptional [...]

January 13, 2016 In practice

I/O architects – Slight slope long house, 2014

#SUSTAINABILITY #MONOLITH #ENVELOPE   Project description The topography of the park environment around the house resembles a cavea of an antic theater. The long horizontal structure is facing the favorable sun orientation and the view in slight opposition of the [...]

December 30, 2015 In practice

White Arkitekter with SnA?hetta – V ven, 2014

#WAVES #WHITE #WATERFRONT White Arkitekter: V ven: weaving together a new cultural experience for the people of UmeA? White and SnA?hetta s Kasper Salin Prize-winning culture house in UmeA?, Sweden, is a new concept in cultural buildings. The concept [...]

December 16, 2015 In practice

I/O architects – OBSERVATION HOUSE, 2015

#RESIDENTIAL #OBSERVATORY #GABION The house is located on a hill in the highest corner of a village amid an agricultural area in Northeast Bulgaria. The site of the project is distinguished both by its panoramic views and distant visibility. In [...]

December 9, 2015 In practice