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# WORKPLACE # GREEN # VOLUMES # STAIRCASE Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter: IKEA HUBHULT a place to work, meet, act, grow and create together. Is the new global meeting centre and workspace – home to 1,500 employees. Located in Hyllie/SvA?gertorp, [...]

May 19, 2016 In practice

DISSING+WEITLING – Cykelslangen, Copenaghen, 2014

  # SNAKE #ORANGE # CYCLISTS # BRIDGE DISSING+WEITLING:   With the change from commercial harbour activities to residences and retail the Inner Harbour of Copenhagen has undergone a pronounced transformation. As part of this transformation the first stage [...]

March 30, 2016 In practice

Aedes Studio – UM, Urban Module, Sofia 2013

  # URBAN MODULE # SLABS # DYNAMISM Aedes Studio:   UM is situated on ai???Al.Stamboliiskiai??? boulevard, which arrives from ai???St.Nedelyaai??? church at the very center of Sofia. Following this axis, the tower is the second high rise after [...]

March 16, 2016 In practice

Lundgaard&Tranberg – SEB Headquartes, Copenaghen, 2010

  # FLEXIBLE # CYLINDRICAL CORE # SURFACES # WHARF LUNDGAARD & TRANBERG Arkitekter:   The project originates from the winning proposal in the competition of creating a Master Plan for the restructuring of DSB s former freight yard [...]

March 9, 2016 In practice

Dissing + Weitling – ECCO Hotel, 2013

#SUSTAINABILITY # LANDSCAPE # WOOD DISSING+WEITLING:   ECCO contacted DISSING+WEITLING architecture towards the end of 2011 with an ambitious plan for a center second to none for both ECCO s own employees and external conference guests. In addition to [...]

March 2, 2016 In practice

Aedes studio Apartment building Ivan Vazov, ai???Red appleai???, 2013

# BRICKS # DETAILS # LOGGIAS Aedes studio: Red Apple The Red Apple is a winning competition entry for a brick-covered residential building. It is located near the city center between a park and a stadium, amidst concrete blocks [...]

February 24, 2016 In practice

A69 – Ummagumma House, 2014

# WHITE SPIRAL # INTIMACY # PERSPECTIVES # PATIOS A69 ARCHITEKTI:   The traditional scheme of a solitary house in a garden doesn t work any more. It divides a plot into the house and the rest. The rest [...]

February 17, 2016 In practice

DRNH – Swimming Pool in LitomyA?l, 2010

# LANDSCAPE #ARCHITECTURE FOR SPORT # SHELL DRNH: Both the architectural and site designs strictly respect the project purpose and the site green context characterised by the touch of a considerable morphological promontory featuring grown trees, shrubs and grass-covered [...]

February 10, 2016 In practice

Bearth & Deplazes Architekten and Durisch + Nolli Architetti – Federal Criminal Court, 2013

#WHITE #ORNAMENT #CONCRETE Bearth & Deplazes Architekten: Durisch + Nolli Architetti: The new Federal Criminal Court’s building is located along Viale Stefano Franscini, in place of the former School of Commerce, which has been completely preserved the main [...]

February 3, 2016 In practice

ZOOM Studio with Atelie Duo – Auditorium 272, 2015

#RENOVATION #WOOD #ACOUSTICS ZOOM Studio: Auditorium 272 is the biggest auditorium of Bulgaria s oldest Sofia University ai???St Kliment Ohridskiai???. In the summer of 2014 its reconstruction was initiated by the Law Faculty of Sofia University and a private [...]

January 27, 2016 In practice