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Heren5 – Central Area. Amsterdam Noord (CAN), 2011

#MULTIFUNCTIONAL #MIXEDUSE #NETHERLANDS Heren5 – The mall ‘Boven het IJ’ in Amsterdam North, will be transformed into Central area. Amsterdam Noord (CAN). The integration of a large building of residential, retail, and parking is the first phase of this [...]

March 12, 2016 In practice

Arrea – Altar in Brezje, 2008

#ALTAR #ADDITION #SLOVENIA Arrea –   The main challange of this project was how and where to organise the place for the big events and where to put the open air altar. The aim of the intervention was to [...]

March 5, 2016 In practice

SLLA Architects – Community center MA?j, 2014

#MULTIFUNCTIONAL #SOCIAL #COMMUNITY SLLA Architects –   The community center MA?j is part of the regeneration of the biggest prefab panel housing settlement from 1980s in A?esk Bud jovice within the framework of a broader rehabilitation project of the [...]

February 27, 2016 In practice

Architecture Project (AP) – Farsons Brewery, 2012

#FACTORY #TRANSFORMATION #MALTA Architecture Project (AP) –   Simonds Farsons Cisk has, since its founding eighty years ago, sought to communicate its aspirations through the architecture of its brewery. The original post-war building in Mriehel, in fact, is a [...]

February 20, 2016 In practice

Archimatika – Children Educational Center ??+, 2014

#EDUCATION #COLORS #UKRAINE Archimatika – The Children Educational Ccenter is part of the “Comfort Town”, a new residential complex in Kyiv built in 2009-2015 for 12.937 residents. The building is composed by three blocks linked at the ground floor. [...]

February 13, 2016 In practice

Zaigas Gailes Birojs – A?anis Lipke Memorial, 2012

#MONOLITHIC #MEMORIAL CENTRE #LATVIA Zaigas Gailes Birojs – A?anis Lipke Memorial is a private museum that commemorates the courage and humanity of a Latvian working class family who during the Nazi regime (1941 1944) risked their lives and saved [...]

February 6, 2016 In practice

Arhitektura KruA?ec – New Market in Celje, 2010

#MARKET #LIGHTNESS #URBANSPACE Arhitektura KruA?ec – The town market is situated in the heart of the Celje. Since it was formed, in the middle of the previous century, it has always represented the centre of urban activity in the [...]

January 30, 2016 In practice

RAU architects – Alliander HQ, 2015

  #SUSTAINABILITY #RENOVATION #HEADQUARTERS RAU architects – The energy grid company Liander has transformed its headquarters into a remarkably sustainable building and energy positive complex, becoming the first renovation project in the Netherlands to obtain the BEEAM-NL outstanding sustainability [...]

January 23, 2016 In practice

Atrium Architekti – Heat Exchanger VaA?eckA?, 2013

#CULTURALCENTER #TRANSFORMATION #DYNAMISM Atrium Architekti- The Heat Exchanger VaA?eckA? was part of the KoA?ice European Capital of Culture 2013 and is located in the dominant part of Nad Jazerom, a residential district in KoA?ice. The existing building was enveloped [...]

January 16, 2016 In practice

Chris Briffa architects – Hanging home, 2011

  #CANTILEVERHOUSE #CUBEHOUSE #MALTA Chris Briffa architects – The house is located in a recent neighborhood composed by approximately twenty structures each by a different owner employing a different architect designed and built at the same time but with [...]

January 9, 2016 In practice