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Makoko Floating School – NL

NL : SUSTAINABILITY, COMMUNITY, WATER       Makoko Floating School is a prototype floating structure, built for the historic water community of Makoko, located on the lagoon heart of Nigeria s largest city, Lagos. As a pilot project, [...]

January 23, 2014 Africa

Taipei Sales Center – Oyler Wu Collaborative

Oyler Wu Collaborative: SKIN, VOID, RIBBON Often the unusual circumstances surrounding the design of a project leads to the most unusual results. In the case of this temporary sales center in Taipei by Oyler Wu Collaborative, the convergence of [...]

January 23, 2014 Asia

Bloom – DOSU Studio Architecture

DOSU Studio Architecture: RESPONSIVE, SURFACE, TECHNOLOGY A sun-tracking instrument indexing time and temperature, with a shape alluding to a woman s Victorian-era under garment, “Bloom” stitches together material experimentation, structural innovation, and computational form and pattern-making into an [...]

January 22, 2014 America

Anisotropia – Orproject Architects

Orproject Architects: INSTALLATION, MUSIC, MATERIALS A FROZEN PIECE OF MUSIC Anisotropia is based on KlavierstA?ck I, a composition for piano by Orproject director Christoph Klemmt. The piano piece uses a twelve tone row which is repeated and altered by [...]

January 22, 2014 Asia