The happenstance – Baxendale Studio

Architecture Biennale Venice 2018

Interview to Bexendale Studio: Ambrose Gillick & Lee Ivett  with the Venetian designer Alberto Lago

“The Happenstance” establishes a Freespace in the garden of Palazzo Zenobio in Venice.

The Glasgow‐based architects Baxendale studio have built a bookshelf armature, inspired by the venetian bridge crossing the canal, the timber playful walk board cross the garden transforming the neglected empty space into an interactive playground area inviting locals and attracting new visitors. With the aim to create participated activity and new ways to enjoy the freedoms of a serenity space.Children are busy playing, also participating to workshops with artists‐in‐residence, sharing tools and materials to prepare local performance.Outdoor cinema screen to gather together family young and new visitors enjoying the fresh air of a Venetian night.

Curated by WAVEparticle in collaboration with a wider team of artists and architects and promoted by the Scotland + Venice partnership: Scottish Government, Architecture and Design Scotland, Creative Scotland, British Council and Year of Young People/Young Scot.

The Happenstance is a collateral event of the 16th edition of the Biennale di Venezia

TARGET is a research project aimed at identifying, selecting and comparing the architectural careers of the top worldwide architects. Establishing a network for an exchange of experiences and knowledges to investigate the innovative architectural practices that are cleverly (re)shaping the world.The goal is to provide a source of inspiration for younger generations and to highlight cutting edge architecture.

In Collaboration with AIAC- FRAUGH!PresS/Tletter 

 i.Marvin video production

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