Takaharu Tezuka

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Architecture Biennale Venice 2018

Interview to Tezuka Architects

2006  Visiting Professor, University of California, Berkeley

2009  Professor, Tokyo City University


2017  Moriyama RAIC International Prize 2017 (Fuji Kindergarten)

Arguing with the paradox of a “Nostalgic Future” in which our society is using technology to make ourselves feel more “human” Takaharu Tezuka build his philosophy on the inspiration of creating buildings that become livable art. “Architecture is not a thing, but an event. It is a living thing, a kind of symbiosis with human beings”Since establishing Tezuka Architects in 1994, with his wife Yui Tezuka, they have created buildings that transform mere walls and windows into a combination of elements that are at once intensely personal and yet infinite.The House Without Walls (2000), Floating Roof House (2004), Fuji Kindergarten (2007), and Ring Around a Tree (2011) are among the most widely publicized

Tezuka Architects: The Yellow Book, Thomas Sherman / Greg Logan (eds.)

With a foreword by Mohsen Mostafavi and an introduction by Mark Mulligan



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