Piuarch – Porta Nuova Building, 2013



Piuarch: www.piuarch.it

This building for showrooms and offices is part of the Porta Nuova urban renewal project, which comprises the Garibaldi, Varesine and Isola areas in the heart of Milan. The area occupies approximately 300,000 square metres and functions as a juncture between the three different urban contexts that surround it. The goal of its requalification is to give this vital area back to the city and make it an integral part of the future urban dynamic. Within this multifaceted and complex plan, the building seeks to establish a dialogue with the public part of the area as a whole, configuring itself as an access point to the park, which is situated at a higher elevation with respect to street level thus the decision to position the building on a sort of podium that connects the two spaces. Bounded on one side by the central square, adjacent to Cesar Pelli s three towers, the building has an area of about 22.500 square metres distributed over five stories and a ground floor for an overall height of 30 metres. This choice was conditioned by the need to respect the heights of the existing residential buildings as well as by the desire to make the new structure a strong and recognizable landmark within the requalified area, in contrast with the general plan which calls for much taller buildings.

The simple and sinuous form of the building articulates and integrates the two volumes in a single element distinguished by a deep central fissure. A projecting roof on the southern side runs the entire perimeter of the building, resolving at the base of the first floor to form a sort of container open on the long sides. The two fa ades are treated differently: the one facing north and overlooking the central square is characterized by large windows that act as a backdrop for the pedestrian area and the Porta Nuova park, while the curved southern fa ade is protected by a system of sun blinds that mark out its rhythm. The building, which is about 140 metres long, incorporates a system of internal courtyards with coloured walls. The ground floor is wrapped by an ample portico that opens directly onto the main square and is covered by the projecting volume above.



Architects: Piuarch | Francesco Fresa, GermA?n Fuenmayor, Gino Garbellini, Monica Tricario

Location: Porta Nuova, Milan, Italy

Surface: 22.500 sqm

Year/Status: 2013 / Built

Materials: Glass and concrete

Project Team: Gianni Mollo e Yusuke Aizawa, Yuji Kobayashi, Andr s Mahdjoubian, Hirotaka Oishi, Antonio PisanA?, Claudia Savastano

Client/Contractor: Hines Italia SGR S.p.a.

Architectural construction design: Tekne S.p.a. | Structural design: MSC Associati S.r.l. | M & E design: Ariatta Ingegneria dei Sistemi S.r.l. | Landscape design: Land S.r.l. | Construction supervision of site: Ing. G. Ceruti

Photography: Andrea Martiradonna


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