Jovan Mitrovi – School Sports Hall, 2015



According to urban concept, made by local planers, surface area of a new sports hall was supposed to cover almost the whole school yard and its height would overtop surrounding buildings from 19th century and Church behind it.

In his design architect Jovan Mitrovi proposed to sink the whole volume of sports hall two thirds under the ground level, providing larger open area for children s outdoor activities. Only the hall s skylight – row of wooden columns, windows and light flat roof is above ground level.

The underground area contains sports pitch but also small hall for ballet and gymnastic, all technical rooms, dressing rooms, showers, sanitary units and teacher s room which are fully covered with waterproof concrete slab and green garden roof on the level of schoolyard.

As Obrenovac Municipality is close to the river Sava banks, it is under the influence of the underground water. Through design process, the solution for these challenges has been successfully found by designing the waterproof concrete hull, 5 meters deep in the ground, just few centimeters over the highest underground water level.

The glazed wooden skylight is surrounded with children s playground and football and handball open courts, so the whole perimeter of glazed facade is covered with vertical wooden columns which protect the glass from stray balls and sun (dispersion of direct sunlight). The raw of ai???wooden matchesai??? is a symbolic interpretation of wooden fences, typical for the villages in that part of Serbia.


architects: Jovan Mitrovi

location: Obrenovac Municipality, Belgrade, Serbia

surface: 1100 m2

year/status: 2015 (built)

structure: concrete and laminated wood

materials: wood, glass and concrete

project team: Arch. Vuk Luki , Arch. Milena Foli , Arch. MiloA? Milivojevi and Arch. Aida HadA?iahmetovi , MiloA? eatovi HVAC, Milosava KamA?ev electricity, Sr an Bijeli water supply and sewage

client / contractor: Obrenovac Municipality and Obrenovac First Elementary School / Ferbild ltd

photography: Arch. Relja Ivani

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