AL-ARCHITECTS – Lyceum Makarios III, 2014



The Arch. Makarios III Lyceum in the city of Nicosia Cyprus, seeks to emphasise through its architectural design, its anthropocentric approach as well as the social and cultural importance of education. The building takes into account that our behaviour and thinking is shaped by the physical environment we live in.

Its form and architecture is shaped through the creation of a shading system that surrounds and protects the building. This shading system facade is differentiated by orientation having openings for natural light and cross ventilation while creating sheltered outdoor enjoyable gathering spaces for socialising.

As a result of this environmentally friendly facade, the building is using the minimum amount of resources.

Colour is an essential part of the Architectural design.The colour scheme on the walls behind the shading system shifts around the building, from warm colours to cool and back again.

The formation of an internal courtyard is a major component of the project that acts as the meeting place of the students. The learning spaces that are the building s backbone are organised around this unifying internal courtyard having direct connections to the rest of the school.

A very important conceptual approach of the school design is the creation of a long wall on the building facade near the main entrance of the school that is designed to host art installations from the students, such as graffiti. The wall is to become an icon strengthening the relationship between the students and their school.


Architects: AL – Architects

Location: Nicosia, Cyprus

Surface: site 36,000 m2 / ground floor 12,844 m2

Year/Status: 2014

Project Team: Alexandros Livadas & Maria Kounoupioti

Material: Reinforced Concrete, Double brick with insullation ,Concrete finish floors ,Aluminium facade.

Client/Contractor: Ministry of Eduction and Culture / Cyfield Limited

Partner/Consultants: Andrea Charalampous (Civil engineer),Katsambas , Christoforou@Associates (Mechanical),Eplan Consultnats (Electrical),MDA Cyprus(Quantity Surveyor)

Photography: Marios Taramide & Alexandros Livadas ALEXANDROS LIVADAS

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