AB3D – Residential complex Ciekurkrasti, 2014

AB3D_Ciekurkrasti_03_photo by Eriks Bozis


AB3D – www.ab3d.lv

Residential complex Ciekurkrasti is located in Adazi a suburb of Riga (capital of Latvia) 20 minutes drive from the city center. It is made up of three joined blocks facing Lake Baltezers to the south and framing a wide courtyard to the North West. The blocks are positioned so that most residences have a terrace with a direct view of the lake. The residences vary from compact one bedroom apartments to spacious 4 bedroom lofts, wide open to their environment, extended by vast exterior surfaces.
The plot was severely degraded during the Soviet period. It was revitalized by turning the desolated waterfront into a public beach and constructing a boating pier for the use of local residents.
The accentuation of natural surroundings was at the forefront of the design process: the sizable volume was integrated into the existing environment and the whole building was covered with black wood thus connecting it with natural surroundings and giving it a natural but noble look. Voids and openings to the landscape create terraces and tunnels. Circulation areas outside the building feature sculptural concrete stairs that rise through openings in the volume and connect the courtyard to the lower laying waterfront.
There are four storeys in total, including a basement with one side buried underground. The structure is built from reinforced concrete. Parking and storage areas in the basement are connected to the levels above by lifts that open onto spacious staircases with large windows allowing natural light to enter the interior. Exposed concrete surfaces on the ceiling and walls are interspersed with wooden cladding. The floors and stairs are polished concrete.
Each staircase has an entrance from the courtyard. The main entrance lobby is connected to the communal areas. There is a gym, a spa with a pool, a restaurant facing the lake and a roof terrace to encourage socialization of the residents.



Architects: AB3D – Juris Mitenbergs, Peteris Spurins, Uldis Tucs, Guna Priede

Location: Ciekurkrasti, Adazi, Latvia

Surface: 13100 m2 (site area), 3815 m2 (building area)

Year/status: 2014/built

Structure: the building is made of reinforced concrete load-bearing columns, beams, walls and ceilings

Materials: fa ade covered with dark wood planks

Project team: architectural design – AB3D: Juris Mitenbergs, Peteris Spurins, Uldis Tucs, Guna Priede, interior design – AB3D:Juris Mitenbergs, Peteris Spurins,

Consultants: Kristine Plaude, Gundega Andersone, Buve un Forma Engineering, Descon

Contractor: LNK Industries

Client: Nere E

Photography: Ansis Starks (cover photo: Eriks Bozis)


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