zerozero – Kulturpark KoA?ice, 2013




zerozero –

The project consists in the transformation of an ex-military complex into a multi-purpose cultural centre.

The objective was to revitalize the complex as follows: to restore the three historic buildings for new cultural and educational purposes, build a new series of smaller pavilion buildings, construct a new underground parking, revitalize the park, create a new public space as well as associated traffic and services infrastructure. From the perspective of this competition, the most significant is the renovated park, the new square, small architectural elements, the illumination, the fountain and the site furnishings.
The main goal was to open the complex up toward the city, create a new public space with a park. The overall design was influenced by the analysis of the original historic buildings and their arrangement.

The buildings were laid out in a strict geometrical pattern, with a 5 x 5m grid. Zerozero have developed a new grid of 8 x 8m, spread throughout the extents of the site, respecting the location of the original buildings. The layout of this new grid determines both the positioning and the dimensions of the new pavilions, structuring of the urban space into respective blocks, distribution and sizes of green lawn areas, fountains, wooden platforms around the square and in the park.
The new pavilions form a network, and they were intended to expand the activities and programs in the historic buildings out into the square and the park, to ensure that every part of the complex is alive. As a reminder of the original military character of the complex, each structure and platform displays a name on their physical structure, representing the international phonetic alphabet: alfa, bravo, charlie, delta, echo, foxtrot, papa, lima, romeo, juliet, etc. Besides its poetic aspect, the application of the text gave the structures their own identity and provides a positional information.

With its approximately 8,000 sq.m, the new urban space of the square is the main gathering point of the Kulturpark. It can also be used for a variety of exterior concerts, events, exhibitions and activities.


Architects: zerozero

Location: KoA?ice, Slovakia

Surface: 36000 m2

Year/Status: 2013/built

Project Team: Irakli Eristavi, Pavol illa, Marcel BenA? k,Gabriel BoA?en k, Milan VlA?ek, Silvia illovA?

Client/Contractor: City of KoA?ice

Partner/Consultants: Vladim r DurbA?k, Viliam HrubovA?A?k, Martin RatkoA?, A?ubom r Janiga, Vojtech JaA?iA?in

Photography: Jaroslav VaA?ko, Robo KoA?an, zerozero


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