Ksa Studeny – Partizanska, 2014

   Olja TriaA?ka  tefanoviA?


Ksa Studeny – www.ksastudeny.sk

The whole building is the result of careful consideration of the time-space relationship of the site and the existing villa, in the context of the surrounding area.
The first decision was to resign on a new building and maintain the original house.
Thinking about the house as a live substance that develops over time, we reassessed the original layers of the building and created our own additions, adapted to the location.
Overall, the building is comprised of segments, the remains of an ideal continuous space. They allow for various spatial connections between each other and the surrounding area represented also by the outer surface of the building (roof – garden, facade – garden, facade – street, stairs seating area, garden parking lot) and it was crucial to transcript the terrain into the structure of the building.
The conversion took place in three volumes. They are independent from each other and together they create a whole: a renovated house, a below-the-ground studio and a roof superstructure. In this way:
– it is preserved the original house. The layout and the details are the carriers of the genius loci. We have very a good cause for the house and the garden, and our aim is to blend both together as much as possible.
– it is realized an extension to create a studio squeezed within the borders of the property in the place of the old garage. It uses the height differences of the terrain: offering an entrance at the street level and establishing a
– it is added a roof module / attic as a new layer. It changes the orthogonal arrangement of the base. Leaning out to take in the view, it displays a diagonal layout, reflecting the topography. It builds on the geometry of the studio.



Architects: JA?n StudenA?, David KopeckA?/ksa

Location: Bratislava, Slovakia

Surface: 550 m2

Year/Status: 2014/built

Structure: reconstruction, underground addition and roof steel superconstruction

Materials: prefabricated concrete, steel beams, titanzinc bond

Project Team: JA?n MiA?kov, MaroA? BA?tora, Ladislav Bartko, Martin Vojta, Pavel MejtskA?, Diana ajdovA?

Client/Contractor: Ivana StudenA?

Partner/Consultants: structural engeneering: Infos – Old ich Skyba

Photography: Olja TriaA?ka tefanoviA?


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