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IN practice: the state of committed architecture in Europe

IN practice

IN practice is a research project aimed at identifying, selecting and comparing works by the best European architecture firms operating outside of the so-called ai???starchitectai??? elite.

The project involves 37 countries and over 100 practices: they will be included in a high-profile international network established through the cooperation between AIAC ai??i?? Italian Association for Architecture and Criticism ai??i?? and A10 new European architecture, promoted and supported by Studio Gnosis.

The Concept

The world of architecture is becoming polarised between two extremes: on the one hand young architects, on the other a limited number of internationally recognised stars. As if there was nothing else in between. Instead, the vast quantity of quality projects come precisely from those who are difficult to place in either of these two categories. Thus, when Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi, president of AIAC, met Francesco Buonfantino, head of the Italian Studio Gnosis ai??i?? a team with experience in the difficult world of construction and prone to testing innovative solutions ai??i?? they wondered, together with Indira vanai??i??t Klooster, editor-in-chief of A10 new European architecture, if the time had not come to begin a Europe-wide research. The goal? To activate a reconnaissance and establish a network, a structure for exchanging knowledge and experiences.

After several years of research, competitions and publications concerning the new generation of architects, AIAC and A10 have joined their efforts to investigate the innovative architectural practices that are cleverly (re)shaping the world. The focus is on those architects who, through their experience in recent years and far from the commercial logic of ai???starchitectsai???, have designed interesting and ground-breaking solutions to the issues faced by architecture today. The goal of IN practice is to highlight quality architecture in Europe and provide a source of inspiration for younger generations.

The results of the research will yield a reasoned overview, to be published in the form of two cross-media supports: online, on the website PresS/Tinternational, and offline, in a printed book.

The Target

The architecture practices were selected based on the following criteria:

– Experience: a minimum of 10-20 years of activity;
-Production: the completion of a minimum of 2-3 buildings with an international echo, within or outside of their respective countries;
-Identity: operating outside the ai???starchitectai??? elite, their experience, research and intelligent contributions to such contemporary challenges as sustainability, the innovation of materials and self-financed architecture makes them a source of inspiration for younger firms;
-Working Method: the experimentation with new horizontal and collaborative design methods.

Process and Timeline

The research was launched in October 2015, thanks to the collaboration between 37 advisors, comprised of Correspondents from A10 new European architecture and the AIAC network, and 7 editors from the PresS/Tinternational platform.

Each advisor, an expert in the architecture of his or her own country, selected 3 to 4 practices: a total of 100 for all of Europe. For each practice the 7 editors selected the project that best represents the design philosophy of each office. In the months between December 2015 and May 2016 the projects are being published on the PresS/Tinternational website (en.presstletter.com). A ai???project-a-dayai??? will publicly reveal the best European architecture built in recent years. At the same time the printed magazine A10 will publish articles and interviews.

The Jury

The second phase of IN practice will take the research to the next step. A jury has narrow the selection of over 100 practices down to one representative office per country.

The jury members are: Indira vanai??i??t Klooster (editor-in-chief of A10 new European architecture), Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi (president of AIAC), Zaira Magliozzi (IN practice project coordinator) and Saskia van Stein (director of Bureau Europa).

Selected Practices

The 37 European firms selected by the Jury are: Artan RaAi??a arkitekt (Albania), AllesWirdGut (Austria), XDGA Xaveer de Geyter Architects (Belgium), Studio Zec (Bosnia Herzegovina), Aedes Studio (Bulgaria), Idis Turato (Croatia), DRNH (Czech Republic), Yiorgos Hadjichristou Architects (Cyprus), Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter (Denmark), KOKO Architects (Estonia), JKMM Architects (Finland), Platform Architectures (France), Sauerbruch Hutton (Germany), Nikiforidis-Cuomo Architects (Greece), 3h architecture (Hungary), Batteriid Architects (Iceland), dePaor (Ireland), Piuarch (Italy), ANARCH (Kosovo), Zaigas Gailes birojs (Latvia), Audrius Ambrasas Architects (Lithuania), Architecture project (AP) (Malta), Cepezed (Netherlands), Helen & Hard (Norway), JEMS Architekci (Poland), ARX Portugal (Portugal), Re-Act Now (Romania), GAD Architecture (Turkey), Hoskins Architects (Scotland), Jovan MitroviAi?? (Serbia), SLLA architects (Slovakia), OFIS Arhitekti (Slovenia), Amann-CA?novas-Maruri (Spain), Bearth & Deplazes Architekten (Switzerland), White arkitekter (Sweden), Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (England), Ryntovt Design (Ukraine).

The Book

The results of the juryai??i??s selection will be published in the volume IN practice. The book will feature images, reflections and critical essays that together illustrate a varied and complex mosaic that represents the state of committed architecture in Europe.

Official Presentation

The research and the book will be presented on 26 May (from 2:30 to 9:00 p.m.), during the fourth edition of the international meeting ai???Architects meet in Fuoribiennaleai???. The event will consist of two days of talks, conferences, meetings, drink&party, on 26 and 27 May 26th at Palazzo Windmann, in Venice. An opportunity to discuss the future of architecture.

The event will correspond with the inauguration of the Venice Architecture Biennale.


The research, curated by AIAC ai??i?? Italian Association for Architecture and Criticism ai??i?? in collaboration with the magazine A10 new European architecture, with scientific contributions from Bureau Europa, is promoted and supported by Studio Gnosis.



Scientific Direction: Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi, Indira van ai???t Klooster
Coordination and Management: Zaira Magliozzi
Communication: Roberta Melasecca, Simona Tiracchia
Editorial coordination: Giulia Mura
Art Direction: Daniele Ficociello

Advisors: Yannis Aesopos,Ai??Anita AnteniA?Ai??e,Ai??Pedro BaAi??a,Ai??Helen Castle, Maciej Czarnecki,Ai??Stefan Devoldere, Kseniya Dmitrenko,Ai??IvanAi??DorotiAi??, Caroline Ednie,Ai??BjAi??rn Ehrlemark, Stefan Ghenciulescu,Ai??Nina Granda, Vendula HnAi??dkovA?, Kim Hoefnagels, Anne Isopp,Ai??Relja Ivanic,Ai??Ai??mer Kanipak, Vlatko P. Korobar,Ai??Ai??Saimir Kristo,Ai??RAi??ta LeitanaitAi??,Ai??Vjollca Llimani, Salvator John Liotta, Mateusz Mastalski,Ai??Alessandro Melis,Ai??Tarja Nurmi,Ai??Triin Ojari,Ai??Petros Phokaides,Ai??Levente PolyA?k, Anna Roos, Emmet Scanlon, Joakim Skajaa, Peter Szalay,Ai??Graziella Trovato,Ai??ElA?a TurkuA?iAi??, Aneta Vasileva
Editors: Marta Atzeni, Julia De Vito, Elisabetta FragalAi??, Federica Marchetti, Giulia Mura, Roberto Sommatino, Salvatore Spataro


Italian Association for Architecture and Criticism

Roberta Melasecca

tel. 349 4945612
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