Branislav Mitrovic – Administrative Building of the ai???Hydroelectric Plants on the Drinaai???



The design of The Administrative Building of the ai???Hydroelectric Plants on the Drinaai??? has been awarded the first prize at the international architectural competition. The competition was organized by UNESCO, since the construction site was located in the protected area of a cultural monument the Old Bridge in ViA?egrad, which was built in the late XVI century.
During the process of designing, the location of the building has been moved downstream, where a new part of the town was being built. In this altered context, the authors had to make the additional changes to their concept in order to fit into the new surroundings and into the already advanced stage of the construction project lead by the famous film director Emir Kusturica. His initial idea was to reconstruct the possible history or the assumption of history that hiswould have taken place in this part of the Balkans if it weren t for turbulence, wars, destruction; to build an entire city in stone.
The new building was designed according to the spirit and sensibility of the traditional national architecture of the region by employing the methodology and selection of autochthonous materials (stone and wood). The stone walls of this building were built by the local artisans, based on the construction experience and tradition of the region.
The Old Bridge served as a model and an inspiration for this contemporary building that entails the chemistry, the energy and the mark of the original construction process and the spirit of the past. The energy of the old building maintains the continuity of that spirit in this era through this new building.


architects: Branislav Mitrovic, Ognjen Krasna, Sinisa Tatalovic

location: Visegrad, Bosnia and Herzegovina

surface: 3140 m2

year/status: 2014 (built)

structure: reinforced concrete

materials: wood, stone

client/ contractor: Andricgrad d.o.o.

project team: Mit-Arh (Belgrade, Serbia)

photography: Ognjen Krasna and MITarh studio

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