Margarita Danou – CYTA The footbridge – 2014


The footbridge of CYTA addresses the question of its urban context by interweaving existing and proposed circulation with its urban landscape.

The footbridge connects an existing athletic park with the coastal area of Limassol, offering a unique variety of experiences. A concrete platform on its southern end acts as a balcony to the beach and offers visitors unobstructed views of the sea and the surrounding coastal area. A glass elevator pierces the platform and when illuminated at night, it acts as a huge floor lamp on the beach projecting the vertical movement of the human shadow. The northern end of the bridge is supported on an existing elevated concrete platform in the adjacent athletic park.

The main body of the bridge is a steel spatial structure supported on both sides by concrete platforms. It derives its orientation and physiognomy from the site and takes its scale and material qualities from the composite structural elements of the Limassol piers. The steel truss is partly wrapped with aluminum panels, whereas its center is revealed as a light and delicate structure.

The wooden floor of the bridge refers to the deck on the piers and relates to the horizontal wooden blinds on the existing plateau in the urban park. The vertical loads are carried by a multitude of slender inclined steel columns, the arrangement of which emerges from the fluid geometry of the existing columns in the park and the orchard.


Architect: Margarita Danou

Location: Coastal area of Limassol, Cyprus

Surface: 250 m2

Years/Status: December 2014 / Completed

Structure: Metallic structure

Materials: Metallic Tubes , Aluminium Panels, Glass, Wood, Exposed Pebbled Concrete, Concrete

Project Team:

Client/Contractor: Limassol Municipality / Atlas Pantou CO LTD

Parteners Consultant: ASD Hyperstatic Engineering Design, Eliofotou Zinieris Stasis MELTEC L.L.C

Photography: Charis Solomou & Franginos Theodorou

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