4PLIUS architects – K dainiai arena, 2014


4PLIUS architects: www.4plius.com

K dainiai arena is a distinctive element of K dainiai sports complex designed to revitalize a north part of K dainiai city. Together with a city stadium and a newly-created public square the Arena has full potential to become a new centre of attraction for younger generation as well as senior citizens.K dainiai arena is a multifunctional sports and leisure complex serving public needs – cultural as well as sport events. It will host a city sport school, K dainiai basketball team and major public events: arena can easily be transformed according to user s needs.

The building can be characterised as an example of contemporary architecture and universalism: K dainiai arena is a ai???cost-consciousai??? building blending aesthetics and function.

The Arena is designed as a laconic shape featuring characteristic sports elements.

Natural materials dominate in the construction: concrete, glass, galvanised steel.

The interior of the building is minimalist with the aim of focusing attention on stage.


Architects: 4PLIUS architects

Location: Kedainiai, Lithuania

Surface: 5500sq

Year/Status: 2014

Project Team: Donaldas Trainauskas, Darius Baliukevicius, Skirmantas Varnauskas, Sigita Tauraite

Material: Concrete, steel, glass

Client/Contractor: AB ai???LIFOSAai???

Partner/Consultants: Constructor: Audrius RaA?aitis

Photography: Leonas Garbaciauskas


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