Normal Arhitektura Parents House – 2016

Normal Arhitektura:


A cancer diagnosis is very difficult to deal with for adults, meaning that for children below 16, it can only be harder.
Because the diagnosis changes not only one s life from the roots, but also has a lasting effect on the family itself, families have a hard time accepting the illness indecisive end. For the past five years, we ve been on a long journey with parents, whose children have been diagnosed with cancer, because of an idea to construct a house for the parents and their children.
Recently the building, Parent s House, was brought to life and will be able to accommodate families of low income, whose children are being treated in the children s hospital in Sarajevo. The conceptual basis for the building was to make it as energy efficient as possible, which was directly applied in locating the building just fifty meters away from the pediatric clinic of the University Clinical Center of Sarajevo. The ai???Parents houseai??? is compact yet very disperse, white yet very colorful, small yet very grandiose, making it an iconic city building. The design of the building allows the ten apartments, which are stacked in three levels, to have public space for gathering, cooking, and eating in ground floor, and space for fitness, conferences, workshops and other activities in the basement. The all white facade is folded through the three levels on the southern side, to provide each apartment a different view of the surroundings. The cut on the northern facade breaks the uniformity of the facade and connects all three levels of the building with the rooftop terrace by providing enough light to the interior. The main attraction of the green terrace on the roof of the building are the trees and flowers that have been donated and planted by volunteers, people of the city, and friends of the project.
This five-level building is built entirely from donations that parents and architects have gathered to turn an idea into reality. Architects and engineers worked pro bono, as well as ten other offices that were invited to assist in interior design of the apartments. It is also very important not to forget many volunteers and people of good will who have donated their time to assist with making the building what it is today.


Architects: Normal Arhitektura, Sarajevo
Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Surface: netto surface: 666m2
Year/Status: Project 2012, Construction 2015/2016, Opening in April 20162013 completed
Structure: Concrete, steel
Materials: Concrete, Steel, Wood, Aluminum, Glass, Eternit, Sika (roof)
Project team: Emir Salki , Muhamed Serdarevi , Armin Sadikovi , Tarik Musakadi , Dino Eminagi ,
Client/Contractor: NGO Heart for the children that are sick from cancer
Partner/Consultants: Euroengineer d.o.o. (Construction), Polyplan d.o.o.(HVAC),DA?emaludin Cero (Electro), DSC d.o.o. (Fireprotection), Arhitektornika d.o.o. (interior design), Firma d.o.o. (interior design), In-Out d.o.o. (interior design), E-Design d.o.o. (interior design), STUB d.o.o. (interior design), Filter d.o.o. (interior design), NON STOP d.o.o. (interior design), Ideogram d.o.o. (interior design), Avliya d.o.o. (landscape architecture)
Photography: Eldin Hasanagic

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