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MADE – Saldus Music and Art School, 2013


Ai?? Ansis Starks


MADE -Ai??www.made.lv

The Music and Art school comprises two buildingsAi??working separately until now.Ai??TheAi??classrooms are placed along the perimeter, while practicing halls and libraries are located in the middle of the
building. The compact plan is interrupted by theAi??courtyards, providing a lot of daylight andAi??reflected light inAi??the central parts of the school.Ai??The interior spaces of the Music school are marked by theAi??green colour, while the blue is for the Art school.

The Facade, consisting of massive timber panels, is covered with profile glass and it is a part of the energy efficientAi??natural ventilation system. Massive wood wall with lime plaster provides the good climate for people as well as for musical instrumentsAi??inside the classrooms. Building structure and materials work as passive environmental control at theAi??same time exhibiting it’s functionality. Inner concrete walls and through the glass visible outsideAi??massive wood wall exhibit their natural origin, which we find as an important issue especially at theAi??institutions of education. There is no single painted surface on a facade of school building, everyAi??material share its natural colour and texture.



Architects:Ai??MADE arhitekti /Ai??MikIi??elis PutraIi??ms, Linda KruIi??minIi??a, EveliIi??na Ozola, Uldis Sedlovs, Liena AmolinIi??a

Location:Ai??Saldus, Latvia

Surface:Ai??4179 m2 (including courtyards 339 m2)

Year/Status: built/2013

Structure:Ai??Load bearing structure ai??i?? situ concrete, metal frames. Outside walls ai??i?? massive timber panels.

Material: Concrete, massive wood panels, profile glass, glass, metal cladding

Project Team:Ai??Project management, concept and architectural design ai??i?? MikIi??elis PutraIi??ms, Linda KruIi??minIi??a, EveliIi??na Ozola, Uldis Sedlovs, Liena SI?ilinIi??a (MADE arhitekti), Lighting design ai??i?? Ilze KundzinIi??a, Landscape ai??i?? GIi??irts Runis,Ai??Graphics ai??i?? Zigmunds Lapsa,Ai??Energy concept and simulations ai??i?? Siegfried Delzer, Udo Shuster (Delzer Kybernetik),Ai??Structure ai??i?? JeIi??kabs SkrastinIi??sI?, Andris Bardulis (Balts un melns),Ai??Acoustics ai??i?? Andris Zabrauskis,Ai??Mechanical engineering ai??i?? Aleksandrs BulatnIi??ikovs (EIPB), MaIi??ris PriedeIi??ns, MaIi??ris Nagla, Mareks Zavickis (InzI?eniertehniskie projekti), Gatis Bandenieks (Energoprojekts),Ai??Fire safety ai??i?? Aigars Melnalksnis,Ai??Cost estimate ai??i?? RudiIi??te Arnolde.

Client/Contractor:Ai??Client ai??i?? Regional Municipality of Saldus,Ai??General contractor ai??i?? ArcI?ers,Ai??Technical supervising ai??i?? JureIi??vicI?s un partneri

Photography:Ai??Ansis Starks



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