Arkkitehdit NRT Oy – Merenkulkijanranta, 2015



The design of Merenkulkijanranta area is based on an invited architectural competition held in 2002. Construction of the area began in 2007 and the first stage was completed in autumn 2008.

Central themes of the proposal were extending the genius loci of the east Lauttasaari port area and optimise sea views from apartments and natural light. Another important aspect was to not block the sea views of existing neighbouring houses.

The design uses elongated building masses, which are perpendicular to the shoreline. At the shore the buildings are low and extend on columns over the surface of the sea. Further away from the waterfront the numbers of the storeys grow incrementally.

The area is divided into zones parallel to the shore: a public pier and pedestrian zone, green yard zone, a free-form street yard and furthest away garages and adjoining street region.

The facades are mainly of white plaster and copper. Wood has been used in the rear walls and ceilings of the balconies and overhead projections.

The housing design has focused on the flexible floor plans in addition to lightness, airiness and views. Large balconies and roof terraces will contribute to improving the opportunities to enjoy the area’s unique situation.
Garage for 272 cars is located below the yard.
The total area of floor space is 25 820 mA?.
The total number of flats is about 237. Their size varies between 50 and 204 mA?; the mean area is 94,5 mA?.


architects: Arkkitehdit NRT Oy: Jyrki Tasa, Pirjo Soininen, Eeva-Liisa, Elo-Lehtinen, Sami Vikstr m

location: Purjeentekij nkuja 1-13, 00210 HELSINKI

surface: approx. 33000 m2

year/status: 2015 (built)

structure: concrete

materials: concrete, copper, wood, glass

client/ contractor: YIT Rakennus Oy

project team: Teemu Tuomi, arkkitehti SAFA, Selina Anttinen, arkkitehti SAFA, Jussi Kalliopuska, arkkitehti SAFA, Competition team: Jyrki Tasa, arkkitehti SAFA, Jussi Kalliopuska, arkkitehti SAFA, Pirjo Soininen, arkkitehti SAFA, Teemu Tuomi, arkkitehti SAFA, Vesa Oiva, arkkitehti SAFA


Structural design: Insin ritoimisto Ylim ki&Tinkanen Oy, FCG Oy
HVAC: Lvi-suunnittelu J.Huhtala, Tubular Oy
Electrical: Insin ritoimisto Natri Oy
Landscaping: Geo-Juva Oy
Developer consultant: YIT Rakennus Oy
Surveying: Geo-Juva Oy

photography: Antti Luutonen / STL except aerial photo by Hannu Vallas-Lentokuva Vallas Oy

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