Dissing + Weitling – ECCO Hotel, 2013





ECCO contacted DISSING+WEITLING architecture towards the end of 2011 with an ambitious plan for a center second to none for both ECCO s own employees and external conference guests. In addition to the specific requirements to the facilities of the centre, viz. 50 hotel rooms, showrooms, experience and multi rooms, ECCO expressed the idea of a green innovative building that would form a natural part of ECCO s vision of becoming the best shoe company in the world.

ECCO is currently the world s second-largest shoe manufacturer. In order to live up to its own high ideals regarding social responsibility and quality, ECCO itself owns and manages every link in the production chain, and all employees still regard themselves as shoemakers a company culture of which ECCO is fiercely protective. DISSING+WEITLING has designed a building true to these values and focusing on sustainability, globality and the tradition of craftsmanship.

Each decision, from the overall form and organization of building to the choice of materials and detailing represents a conscious effort to create a total design experience for employees and guests. This holistic way of thinking reinforces the identity of ECCO as a modern forward-thinking company with strong traditions of craftsmanship, family values, and a significant base in Scandinavia.

The statement, ai???we are all shoemakersai???, says so much about how ECCO choses to perceive themselves and how they wish to be perceived by others.

As architects, it has been important to find a way to let the building tell this story that is so essential to the ECCO ideal. The creation of a fantastic product is not the result of the efforts of one individual alone but the structured and concerted efforts of many. How can architecture, in its conception, function and aesthetic qualities help strengthen this story and support these values both today and in the future? Design with comfort and comfort through design.




LOCATION: TA?nder, Denmark

SURFACE: 4000 m2

YEAR/STATUS: Completed, april 2013



PARTNER/CONSULTANTS: Engineer: INGENIA?R NE, Landscape architect: YARDS LANDSCAPE, Interior Design: FORM Cph


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