churtichaga+quadra salcedo architects – Cinema Center in Matadero de Legazpi, Madrid, 2011



The tectonic history of brick, the powerful rhetoric of the old slaughterhouse is the background; a wooden mono-material painted in dark gray defines the new program deployed on walls, floors and ceilings, allowing a clear separation between story and History. Against this dark carpet background some huge vibrant baskets define the main spaces.

The Film Archive Area is covered by a permeable basket, huge, walkable, that filters light and works as a lamp. The Baskets that define Film rooms are black. In the main room the orange-illuminated background make the basket float until the movie begins, the background disappears and only a vibrant black surface stays.

Silent Structure:

The horizontal structure has been solved with reinforced concrete slabs, which with the existing brick walls make a complete set of vertical load-bearing walls, distributing efforts through the generous cloth walls.

Background and Baskets:

Upon resolution of the structure, a continuous carpet of grey painted pine flooring covers walls, floors and ceilings defining the new architecture of space. Against this dark wood background, the mono-material woven baskets, frames made of bent steel tubing as the guarantors of geometry, and woven with conventional industrial irrigation hoses.


The spaces required a deliberate silence on the introduction of the facilities. The enormous demand of fresh air need huge conducts that are buried under ground. The areas without such large ventilation requirements, such as lobbies, offices and circulation areas are solved with underfloor heating and cooling systems.

The lighting is deliberately disordered. Stripes of woven LEDs lighten the baskets and the space underneath.


architects: churtichaga+quadra salcedo architects

location: Matadero de Legazpi, Madrid, Spain

surface: 2688 m2

year/status: 2011 (built)

structure: reinforced concrete

materials: wood

client/ contractor: Madrid City Council / Edhinor

project team: Principal Designer: Josemaria de Churtichaga ai??? Project Design Team: Mauro Doncel MarchA?n, Natanael LA?pez P rez ai??? Building Design Team: Leticia LA?pez de Santiago


Quantity Surveyor: Joaqu n Riveiro Pita, Mart n Bilbao Berganti os

Structural Surveyor: Euteca

Facilities Surveyor: Asrculo Ingenieros Consultores

photography: Fernando Guerra, FG reportagens

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