URBAN PLUS – Model School in Prishtina, 2013


URBAN PLUS : http://urban-plus.com/sq/architecture/

The location of the model school is in the border of the northeastern boundary of the old city of Prishtina. As a part of a former brick factory, which is our of function, the location does not have any particular visual characteristic. Apart from the old factory combustion plant, located next to the school, the stacks characterize the image of the site. These elements have been considered as properties which may generate the concept of site development.
The definition of a general vision for the learning areas has dominated the concept of the whole building. The analysis was focused on innovative factors in the field of learning and socialization areas. This way, the ai???multiple courtyardsai??? concept was embraced. The centre of the learning process and leisure activities is the multiai???use area the ai???internal squareai???, which correlates learning, leisure, sports, food and alternative learning.
The atrium is aimed at creating a safe outdoor space, providing the feeling of outdoor space throughout its perimeter, visually open increasing the feeling of safety. This concept also induces the feeling of ownership within the school community, and also a focusing the visual experience from within the building. Generally, the idea of being inside of a closed area, with various degrees of openings, creates the feeling of wellai???being.


architects: Ilir Gjinolli, Arbenita Ymeri Rexhepi , Ardita Byci Jakupi

location: ai???Tjegullorjaai??? Prishtina, Kosovo

surface: 5600 m2

year/status: 2013 (built)

structure: concrete and wood

materials: wood and stucco

client/contractor: Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

project team: Meral Hallaqi Radoniqi, Fisnik Zherka, Freskim Sylejmani, Vigan Perani, Arjeta Luta, Agron Nagavci, Gani Latifi, Agron Gjinolli, Kenan Krasniqi, Agron Pajaziti

photography: Fisnik Zherka, Valdrin Xhemaj


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