SLLA Architects – Community center MA?j, 2014



SLLA Architects –


The community center MA?j is part of the regeneration of the biggest prefab panel housing settlement
from 1980s in A?esk Bud jovice within the framework of a broader rehabilitation project of the whole
settlement. The new building of the community center is designed for social care services aimed at
children and youth – maternity center, low-threshold facility for children and youth, the center of primary
prevention, as well as social counseling and a municipal police station.
The compact volume of the building with a playground on the roof and climbing greenery on the facades,
with semi-public connecting and living spaces that are alongside the public spaces of the new market
place is meant to serve as social meeting point for children and teenagers, as social information centre
and centre for other services for the inhabitants of the settlement. Program of different institutions with
entries from different sides and levels is placed into five floors above ground. Stairs and other
communication and sojourn areas on the periphery of the building on all levels allow the interconnection
of different parts of the building and also the community center with the public space, direct connection
of the square to all levels of the building and to the roof.
As this building stands in an colourful environment because of the multicoloured insulating panels of the
adjacent prefab panel buildings, the expressiveness of this building is just formed by the activities on the
border between interior and exterior and by its greening that is supposed to become its most dominant
building material within a few years and should form the microclimate of the community centre.



Architects: SLLA Architects, Slovakia

Location: A?esk Bud jovice, Czech Republic

Surface: 3.000 m2

Year: 2014/built

Structure: Monolithic reinforced concrete frame, deep foundation-piles

Materials: Concrete, steel, stainless steel safety net, green glass, expanded metal sheets, profiled glass, greenery, epoxy floors, epdm sport floors

Project team: Michal Sulo, Miriam LiA?kovA?, Jozef Skokan

Client/Contractor: City of A?esk Bud jovice, Czech Republic

Building services: BCKS Structural Engineers, A02 Engineers HVAC Systems, IEC Fire Stop, D Acoustics, Kecek Traffic Engineering, Kanka Daylighting, Mane Engineering, MAK Landscaping

Photography: SLLA Architects


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