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LAHDELMA & MAHLAMAi??KI ARCHITECTS – Museum of the History of Polish Jews, 2013

LAHDELMA & MAHLAMAi??KI ARCHITECTS – Museum of the History of Polish Jews, 2013


LAHDELMA & MAHLAMAi??KI ARCHITECTS : Ai??http://www.ark-l-m.fi/

An international architectural competition for the Museum of the History of Polish Jews was organised in spring 2005. The building was completed in May, 2013 and the Core Exhibition was opened in October, 2014.

The museum functions as a multifunctional centre for the research and exhibition of Jewish heritage, education and culture. The main permanent exhibition is located under the main hall in a large exhibition space of 5000 m2. Special built-in milieus present the different aspects of the history of the Polish Jews. The main task of the exhibition is to present different phases and forms of Jewish culture starting from medieval times to present day ai??i?? the holocaust is only one of the themes of the exhibition.

Adjacent to the new museum is the memorial of the uprising in the Jewish ghetto. The memorial has been an important element in the architecture of the museum. The proportions of the plaza in front of the memorial and the museum have been carefully considered. The shape of the museum building is rectangular. The facades are covered with glass and copper panels.

The frame of the building is cast-in-situ concrete. The free-form walls and the curving shapes of the roof connecting to them are part of the frame system. The total thickness of the steel structure and sprayed concreted wall is about 60 cm.

The main hall is the most important element in the architecture of the building; a pure and silent space introducing the museum to the visitors.


architects:Ai??Architects Lahdelma & MahlamAi??ki Ltd., FinlandAi??with local firm KuryAi??owicz & Associates in Warsaw

location: 6 Anielewicza St., 00-157 Warsaw, Poland


year/status:Ai?? 2013 (built)

structure:Ai??concrete, steel

materials:Ai??silk printed glass, copper, concrete

client/contractor: City of Warsaw and Ministry of Culture, Poland (client)/Ai??Polimex ai??i?? Mostostal SA, Poland (contractor)

project team:Ai??Professor Rainer MahlamAi??ki, M.Sc Architect , Ilmari Lahdelma (authors),Ai??Riitta Id, Maritta Kukkonen (principals in charge),Ai??Jukka Savolainen, Mirja SillanpAi??Ai?? (built-in furniture), Miguel Freitas Silva, Markus Wikar (master model,geometry and scripting) (collaborators),Ai??Eva HaggrAi??n, Juhana Marttinen, Taina SilmujAi??rvi,Risto Wikberg, Katri RAi??nkAi??, Leila Hyttinen,Maria Jokela, Tarja Suvisto, Marjo Korolainen (assisting)

partner/consultants:Ai??KuryAi??owicz & Associates, Warsaw, Poland:Ai??Stefan KuryAi??owicz,Ai??Ewa KuryAi??owicz,Ai??PaweAi?? Grodzicki (design phase), Marcin Ferenc, Tomasz KopeAi??, MichaAi?? Gratkowski,Piotr Kudelski;Ai??Grupa Plus Architecture Studio, Poland (furniture design in office spaces);Ai??Event Communication, UK,Ai??Nizio Design International, Poland (exhibition design);Ai??Arbo projekt, Poland (structural engineering);Ai??Pol-Con Consulting, Poland (HVAC engineering);Ai??Elektroprojekt SA, Poland (electrical engineering)

photography: Juha Salminen, Photoroom, Wojciech Krynski

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