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Page\Park Architects – Theatre Royal, Hope Street, Glasgow – 2014

Page\Park Architects – Theatre Royal, Hope Street, Glasgow – 2014


Page \ Park Architects:Ai??http://pagepark.co.uk/

Our work at the Theatre Royal for Scottish Opera focused on the audienceai??i??s journey from ai???street toAi??seatai??i?? through an improved approach, entrance, intuitive internal way-finding and the provision ofAi??enhanced audience facilities in the form of new open and welcoming foyers.

The form of the extension is seen as an echo of the splendid elliptical Victorian theatre space, withinAi??which is an overlapping twist of stairs. A key planning strategy has been to manage audienceAi??movement from each auditorium balcony to the support facilities and these linking stairs.

To provide a column free interior the edge structural articulation of the various plan levels playsAi??various roles, cantilevering in one direction towards the free standing middle of the plan, shelteringAi??the ground level approach and finally shaping the roof line expression.

The structural columns areAi??exploited to frame a perimeter of bays around the foyer, enclosed by an ai???in and outai??i?? metal claddingAi??and curtain wall screen, wrapping the structure and associated acoustically tempered ventilationAi??boxes.

We worked closely with the client through various reiterations of the form and external expression ofAi??the building, and uniquely Scottish Operaai??i??s stage joinery workshop fabricated and installed the highAi??quality joiner work.

The foyers provide welcoming and accessible facilities and an appropriate prelude to the richness ofAi??the Victorian theatre beyond and this significant cultural project has been a fantastic opportunity toAi??create a major new piece of civic architecture.


Architects:Ai?? Page \ Park Architects

Location:Ai??Theatre Royal, Hope Street, Glasgow, Scotland

Surface:Ai?? Gross internal floor area Ai??2727 m2 for extension (GIFA)

Year/Status:Ai??Completion December 2014

Structure:Ai??Reinforced concrete frame

Materials:Ai??Ai??External,Ai??Rimex coated stainless steel,Ai??Polished precast panels,Ai??Curtain walling /Ai??InternalAi??Exposed reinforced concrete frame,Ai??Limestone flooring,Ai??Birch venerated ply panelling ,Ai??Acoustic plaster,Ai??Fabric faced acoustic panels

Project Team:Ai??Ai??David Page,Ai??Nicola Walls (lead architect),Ai??Jamie Hamilton (project architect),Ai??Eilidh Henderson,Ai??David Paton,Ai??Paul Sutton,Ai??Andrew Zahn

Client: Ai??Scottish Opera:Ai??contact General Director, Alex Reedijk

Client representative: Steve Green Consulting

Main Contractor:Ai??Sir Robert McAlpine

Structural Engineer:Ai??Arup Scotland

Lighting Consultant:Ai??Max Fordham (including lighting design)

Acoustician:Ai??Sandy Brown Associates

Fre Engineer:Ai??Atelier 10

Photographer:Ai??Ai??Andrew LeeAi??www.andrewleephotographer.com

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