DRNH – Swimming Pool in LitomyA?l, 2010



DRNH: http://www.drnh.cz/

Both the architectural and site designs strictly respect the project purpose and the site green context characterised by the touch of a considerable morphological promontory featuring grown trees, shrubs and grass-covered areas sloping down from the CernA? Hora massif to the town. The overall volume of the hall is reduced as much as possible by fragmenting into several structural modules softly modelled into organic curved lines so that the shell of the building is visually linked to the CernA? Hora slope. The grass-covered areas smoothly merge into the metal-sheet-covered roof. Different volume modules of the hall meet in a shared rounded top from which they continue sloping down in the form of a shed roof towards the west border of the site. The intervention of the structure is minimised especially from all sides visible from the town. The excavated soil has been reused for terrain modelling and rooftop fills reducing the hall operation and energy costs. The project has been designed on ai???landscape architectureai??? principles and meets all the parameters of an energy-saving building.

The building main structure is a combination of in-situ cast reinforced concrete and steelwork supporting the roof and the transparent cladding. The wooden roof structure has compact composition, foamed glass thermal insulation and roofing of steel sheets with vertical joints. Natural materials have been selected in their natural (original) colours and patterns: reinforced fair-face concrete reflecting the pattern of the splinter board formwork for load-bearing elements, black granite for the floor on the ground floor and on the external patio, and ground-down concrete for the floor in technical rooms. The roofing is made of pre-oxidised titanium-zinc sheets.




LOCATION: LitomyA?l, Czech Republic

SURFACE: area 1717.0 sqm


STRUCTURE: cast reinforced concrete and steelwork

MATERIALS: concrete, wood, metal-sheet, glass, black granite

PROJECT TEAM: Anton n NovA?k, Petr Valenta, Radovan Smejkal, Radek tefka

CLIENT/CONTRACTOR: LitomyA?l municipality/ PKS stavby a.s.


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