RAU architects – Alliander HQ, 2015


  Marcel van der Burg


RAU architects – www.rau.eu

The energy grid company Liander has transformed its headquarters into a remarkably sustainable building and energy positive complex, becoming the first renovation project in the Netherlands to obtain the BEEAM-NL outstanding sustainability certificate. RAU architects have been responsible for the renovation of the existing buildings and the extension, which houses 1550 workers. Circularity has been an integral part of the design, transforming the building into a material depot where materials are temporarily stored rather than just being a conglomeration of materials with a limited life cycle.

The existing complex was composed by six different constructions, which are almost entirely maintained (over 80% of the original surfaces remain). A large atrium covered by an iconic roof connects the six different volumes visually, programmatically as well as logistically, creating a continuous urban-like space which facilitates encounters and communication among the employees. The large glass facades and the circular skylights provide the adequate amount of daylight, and the strengthen relation with the landscape, contributing to a healthy and ispiring workspace. Three principles were established as design strategies regarding material use: conservation and reuse of the existing materials, minimization of material use, and employment of materials that can later on continue their biological or technical life cycle. The existing facades and windows are kept, and a second “skin” made out of scrap wood is placed in order to avoid heat losses, reducing the energy demand. The structure is designed in a smart way, making it as light as possible.
Furthermore, a “material passport” is created, which provides materials with an identity, avoiding that they become waste in the future.



Architects: RAU architects

Location: Duiven, the Netherlands

Surface: 21.852 m2

Year: 2015/built

Structure: Van Rossum Raadgevende Ingenieurs

Materials: Glass facade: De Groot an Visser, Wooden facade: De Groot Vroomshop, Skylight: Ceno Tec

Project team: WolkerWessels Vastgoed

Client/Contractor: Alliander N.V.

Partner/Consultants: Fokkema & Partners Architecten (interior architects), Innax (installations), Boele & van Eesteren (contractor), Kuiper Compagnos (landscape architects), Van Rossum Raadgevende Ingenieurs (construction), turntoo (system innovation), Primum (sustainability advice), EPEA (C2C advice)

Photography: Marcel van der Burg


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