Konior Studio NOSPR/The Seat of the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra – 2014


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NOSPR together with 4 hectares of gardens was built on site of former coal mine becoming a part of Axis of Culture – symbol of dynamically changing city.
The building binds modernity and tradition together. Its outer brick body bases on Silesian building tradition. Form and function of the facade are 80 prefabricated chimneys hiding noisy infrastructure.
Crafts and advanced technologies used upon natural materials – stone, concrete and wood – create unique character of the place. Hand-formed textures, sophisticated shapes of details reflect the musical character of the space.
A clear structure: the outer ring for musicians with over 400 rooms: chamber hall, rehearsal rooms, dressing rooms, recording studios, hotel and canteen. Inside the ring is a spacious atrium public space available to everyone. Finally the Great Concert Hall for 200 musicians and 1800 music lovers in the very core. Its outer layer is an anthracite shell made of concrete.
Imprinted in the wooden formwork relief refers to the mining history. The monumental concrete wall at the front of the hall was especially complicated technological challenge – spherical shape, monolithic construction with concrete dyed-in-mass resembles the scale of difficulty.
Thick and hard walls protect the interior of the hall against noise. Raw concrete inside took form of finesse soft waves cast in rubber matrices.
Not only hardness, density and shape, but every detail is important here for the quality of sound. The complicated construction on post-mining site, symbolism and atmosphere creating space, and finally the highest standards of acoustics.


Project: NOSPR/The Seat of the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Location Address: 1 Wojciech Kilar Square, Katowice, Poland
Architectural office: KONIOR STUDIO
Author: Tomasz Konior
Design team: Aleksander Nowacki, A?ukasz Homan, Pawe Barczyk, A?ukasz Bonar, Dominik Czajkowski, Zbigniew Gierczak, Anna Jab o ska-Lisi ska, Anna Jaszkaniec, Szymon Jawor, Marcin Jurkiewicz, Dominik Koro , Katarzyna Le niok, Micha Lipiec, Maciej Niewiadomski, Ewa Nowacka, Bart omiej Pochopie , Marcin Piotrowski, Marcin Sikora, Adam Skrzypczyk, Henryk Struski, Jakub Aswierzawski, Przemys aw Tabor, Magdalena Tokarska, Andrzej Witkowski, Mariusz Wronowski, Piotr Zowada
Investor: Municipality of Katowice
Project: 2008-2014
Construction: 2012-2014
Usable area: ~ 25 782 m2
Construction:BURO HAPPOLD, S awomir Pastuszka, Zbigniew Czajewski
Acoustics:Nagata Acoustics, PA Pracownia Akustyczna
Photography: Krzysztof Krzeminski / Daniel Rumiancew / Bartek Barczyk

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