ZOOM Studio with Atelie Duo – Auditorium 272, 2015

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ZOOM Studio: www.zoomstudio.org

Auditorium 272 is the biggest auditorium of Bulgaria s oldest Sofia University ai???St Kliment Ohridskiai???. In the summer of 2014 its reconstruction was initiated by the Law Faculty of Sofia University and a private sponsor: the America for Bulgaria Foundation. A couple of young architectural studios were attracted to turn the 40-year hall into a contemporary educational space.

Sofia University was constructed as of end of XIX century bearing all the features of the historicism prevailing at that moment. Auditorium 272 is located in its newest wing, actually completed in the 1970s in a manner of historicizing socialist post-modernism. As a result the original hall sported oak panelling, wooden banks and a spectacular cassette ceiling. The recent reconstruction is a respectful gesture to the architectural context, restoring key details of the original structure and preserving some materials yet adding a dramatic unifying surface of vertical laths which also serves as acoustic panelling. The curve of the amphitheatrical hall has been altered to secure better visual contact and improved lighting has been added.



Architects: ZOOM Studio/ Atelie Duo

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Year/Status: 2015 / Completed

Structure: Metal structure

Project Team: Plamen Todorov, Nikolay Nikolov, Teodora Alexieva; Krassimir Todorov, Plamena Andonova

Client/Contractor: America for Bulgaria Foundation, 120 Years Law Faculty of Sofia University Foundation and Sofia University St Kliment Ohridski

Partner/Consultants: ISA 2000 EOOD; Active Sofia Ltd; Tangra AB Ltd; Niralex Ltd; Mondo Bulgaria EOOD

Photography: Rossitsa Tsanova

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