Atrium Architekti – Heat Exchanger VaA?eckA?, 2013

  L'ubo Stacho


Atrium Architekti-

The Heat Exchanger VaA?eckA? was part of the KoA?ice European Capital of Culture 2013 and is located in the dominant part of Nad Jazerom, a residential district in KoA?ice.

The existing building was enveloped by a new geometric facade, cut in some parts to show the interior windows. Its new shape defines a dynamic boulder with an extreme climbing wall, giving new vitality to the public area. Infact, the new building stands out thanks to its particular form and considering the industrial urban context around it.
The interior space is articulated in five different interconnected floors and each of them contains a gallery with a different function. The rooftop consists of a large lounge area with four big trees creating an isolated space from the world around.



Architects: Atrium Architekti

Location: VaA?eckA? st. KoA?ice, Slovakia

Surface: 180m2

Year: 2013/built

Structure: Steel

Project team: Michal BurA?k, DuA?an BurA?k, Marek Ganz

Client/Contractor: KoA?ice EHMK 2013

Photography: L’ubo Stacho


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